About our Foundations

The Home of Humble Bee Honey and Australian Beeswax Foundations is located as part of Shamrock Vale Station, a locally owned & operated farm situated on 5,200 acres on the banks of the Albert River in the beautiful Kerry Valley.

As a honey producer, under our Humble Bee Honey and Honey B Honey Brands, we wanted to expand our vision and so we purchased a German Manufactured Foundation Machine which offers leading technology allowing us to produce the highest quality of Foundation. We harvest and use the beeswax from our hives located throughout the farm.

Being able to harvest, extract, pack and distribute means we are hands on with our product all the way through, ensuring we are always able to deliver the best we can to our customers.

Our Process

The beeswax that we use in comb foundation manufacture is first heated to approx 100°C before being filtered to remove all dross and moisture. This ensures that when you buy our comb foundation, you are only paying for pure beeswax.

We implement stringent quality control checks throughout our process including scientific testing of our sheets to ensure the highest quality is achieved and maintained at all times. In addition our foundation sheets are tried and tested in our own hives throughout the farm.

We can also make foundation sheets to your specification – contact us with your requirements

Freight: Anywhere in Australia for $25.00 up to 22kg.

Pick up is available from our farm by appointment only.

Price List

Click to view a PDF of our current price list.